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Altes Avocats is a law firm that takes on today’s business and environmental law challenges.

Altes was created as a result of teams from Enckell Avocats and Altes combining to form an independent,
modern law partnership attuned to the business world and today’s legal challenges.

Altes’s clients include private operators, local government bodies and trade unions doing business mainly in the insurance, industry, energy, construction and public works, supply chain, distribution, food, communications, biotechnologies and high added value service industry sectors.

Relying on the extensive experience and synergy of its people coupled with its broad scope of intervention, Altes Avocats delivers personalized assistance that’s discriminating, effective, flexible and responsive.

The law firm provides services in four languages: English, Spanish, Italian and Serbo-Croatian.

Altes Avocats
Headquarters : 6 avenue George V – 75008 Paris
T : +33(0) 146 341 105
F : +33(0) 146 340 955
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– Expertises –

Legal expertise / Complex contracts
  • Legal, tax, financial and contractual project structuring
  • Legal feasibility studies, risk analysis and due diligence
  • Negotiating, drafting and reviewing deeds and contracts (joint ventures, consortiums, partnerships, services, infrastructure construction and operation)
  • Coordinating operational teams and the various stakeholders involved
  • Project implementation, completion and follow-up
  • Sustainable energy production (biomass and photovoltaics, wind, thermal and hydroelectric)
  • Operational planning and legal expertise (construction, concessions, contracts)
  • Grid access, extension and relocation
  • Drafting and negotiating private and public law agreements (concessions, distribution, partnerships, leases)
  • Green taxation
  • Disputes: French Energy Regulator (CRE), State courts, conciliation
Industrial Environment
  • Industrial regulations and classified facilities, risk prevention
  • Incorporating environmental constraints into business management
  • Waste processing, circular economy, REACH compliance support services
  • Industrial facility acquisition and disposal audits, polluted site and land rehabilitation
  • Environmental responsibility, environmental taxation
  • Natural resource and environmental protection
Intellectual Property
  • Licensing and transfer of rights
  • Management of IP portfolios, filings, watch services and defence of trademarks and designs
  • Administrative procedures before national and international IP offices
  • Proceedings (infringement, oppositions, ownership claims, domain names)
  • Litigation (patents, trademarks, designs & models, copyright, unfair competition)
Emerging Technologies
  • Personal data
  • Website hosting and development, e-commerce
  • Domain names, ERP, IT solutions (software, software packages), SAAS, facility management, etc.
  • Economic concentrations (competition analysis and audits involving M&As, pre-notifications, notifications)
  • Vertical and horizontal agreements
  • Industrial procurement, technology transfer, R&D, and specialisation agreements
  • Business practice competitive analysis; unfair competitive practices
  • General terms and conditions of sale, business cooperation agreements, sales promotion
  • Organized distribution channels (exclusive, selective or franchise distribution channels)
Urban Planning & Development
  • Operational urban planning and development: permits, audits, litigation
  • Regulatory urban planning: Local land use plans, Territorial Cohesion Scheme (SCOT), Coastal and mountain building regulations
  • Land management: expropriation and pre-emption: Public interest declarations (DUP)
Corporate and business
  • Legal, industrial, business and financial restructuring and reorganisation
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Investment and divestment transactions
  • Equity transactions and complex transferable securities
  • Shareholder relations
  • Corporate governance
  • Intra-group relations
  • Outsourced assistance for legal departments
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Reviewing and coordinating technical/contractual building documents and technical work packages (plants, ERP, office and retail spaces, housing)
  • Construction and services agreements (FM, maintenance)
  • Preventive summary proceedings
  • Contract monitoring, handling disputes and claims before delivery
  • Out-of-court and judicial appraisals
  • Manufacturer’s legal liabilities and warranties
  • Recovery of outstanding contract balances
Risks & Insurance
  • Business audits, contracts and compliance
  • Risk mapping, implementing and monitoring prevention tools (including FMECA)
  • Designing, upgrading and implementing quality policies
  • Safety in the workplace
  • Identifying and assessing insurance coverage, linking
  • Insurance policy and international programme drafting, managing and litigation
  • Claims handling (property, third party liability, bodily injury, accidents at work and occupational disease, serial claims, subrogated claims, outsourcing)
  • Crisis management (emergency action, outreach, interfacing)
  • Corporate asset protection
  • Expert appraisal supervision (civil, administrative, social security, criminal)
  • Experience feedback
Safeguarding interests & Dispute settlement
  • Practical and/or legal training (works managers, project managers, technical and after sales service managers, in-house counsels, risk managers)
  • Outsourced legal departments
  • Precautionary measures
  • Out-of-court and judicial appraisals
  • Complex litigation
  • Supreme court case follow-up
  • Conciliation and mediation
  • Arbitration
  • General third party liability and product liability
  • Professional liability
  • Employer liability, gross negligence

Altes Avocats,
the energy driving your projects

–The partners –

Carl Enckell

Environment / Urban planning and Development

Carl Enckell has been specialising in environment law for more than 15 years. He works on a regular basis in the sustainable energy and industrial environment sectors, where he has made a significant impact in landmark cases.

In 2012, he founded Enckell Avocats, a law firm that rapidly won acknowledgment for its skills, with “recognised practice” in environment law.

His contributions include wood packaging’s removal from waste status in July 2014, a first in France.

Carl Enckell is a lecturer at Centrale Supelec (Master’s Degree course in Industrial Ecology) and teaches a course in “the sustainable energy regulatory framework” and EFE “single authorisations”.

He is also an associate member of two sector-specific strategic committees (CSF): “Eco-Industries” (industrial waste recovery), “Environment and social responsibility” (Afnor). In his expert capacity, he is in demand as a symposium speaker and training lecturer.

Sophie de Senilhes

Business relations / Industrial project management / Competition – Distribution

Sophie de Senilhes has been a lawyer at the Paris Bar Association for over 25 years. She specialises in business engineering, special contracts, competition and distribution consulting services to companies. She takes on regular assignments in designing, building and managing complex, strategic and customised projects and has a perfect grasp of the specific issues involved.

With a wealth of professional experience and holding dual academic qualifications, Sophie de Senilhes fully understands corporate constraints and environments from the business standpoint. Her breadth of vision has allowed her to develop impressive expertise in many sectors including industry, supply chains, press agencies, healthcare, pharmaceutics and innovative high potential and fast development businesses.

In 2015, after a time as a partner with several law firms, she became a founding member of Altes Avocats.

Sophie de Senilhes frequently participates in seminars and conferences addressing issued relating to business engineering and restructuring. She trains professionals in Applied Company Law at Francis Lefèbvre Formation and is also the editor of Francis Lefèbvre Formation’s “Business Contract” and “Companies” legal document repository.

Olivier Roux

Emerging Technologies / Business relations / Competition – Distribution

Olivier Roux has been a lawyer since 2000. He specialises in trademark law. He mainly provides services in all areas of intellectual property law (copyright, trademarks, patents, internet and domain names, information systems, software (licences, SAAS, personal data, etc.) and as a legal, litigation and business law consultant.

He delivers legal support to corporate information system departments as well as start-ups and SMEs in the digital community (including hosting platforms, e-commerce platforms, social networks, and smartphone app providers).

With regard more specifically to trademarks, he manages portfolios and corresponds with law firms in dozens of countries.

Olivier Roux holds a degree from CEIPI (Centre for International Intellectual Property Studies), a department of the University of Strasbourg.

Philippe Savatic

Construction / Protecting interests & Conflict resolution

Philippe Savatic started his career as a legal expert with Fiat France. This enabled him to come to grips with the working methods and internal issues inherent to complex economical and industrial environments. He then became a lawyer and worked with law firms specialising in industrial risks and insurance law, prior to playing a part in founding and developing the law firm Carakters for seven and a half years.

Philippe dedicates an important part of his practice to disputes and expert appraisals in construction, fire and technical malfunctions in sectors such as Construction and Public Works, production facilities, products (professional and consumer goods), as well as occupational accidents and illnesses.

He also works upstream on corporate risk prevention and safety through auditing and reporting, contractual and liability arrangements, and provides decision support for optimum insurance coverage.

Philippe’s clients include insurance providers, industrialists, manufacturers and maintainers who are highly appreciative of his responsiveness and hands-on advisory style.

Philippe holds a Postgraduate Degree in private law from the University of Paris II and is a member of the AMRAE (corporate risk and insurance management association) and of the Club Franco Risk.

Altes law firm, the energy driving your projects

– Our approach –

Different perspectives and complementary skills
Proven methods
Proximity and a sound grasp of the issues at stake

Forward thinking
Acting accordingly

Total independence
Real-world experience and involvement in complex projects
In-depth understanding of our clients’ sectors and professions

Responsiveness and availability
Legal safety though dual-perspective analysis
Secure digital environment

– Contact Us –

Altes Avocats
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